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Bring Paris to your home for a day

How to bring Paris to your home for a day

Truth to be told, after eight months with no international travel, I feel some serious wanderlust. And I am aware there are bigger problems in the world right now, but I can’t help myself. I miss flying, strolling around the new city, visiting museums and falling in love with a new place. Living in Amsterdam made Paris only a three-hours-train-ride-away, and I’d visit it regularly. I called those trips my yearly pilgrimages to Paris. Since we can’t travel right now, I decided to recreate a bit of a French atmosphere in my home. And made a little guide on how to bring Paris to your home for a day.

The Best Museums in Paris

Louvre museum in Paris

Being home to some of the most famous artworks, everyone should visit some of the best museums in Paris. The French capital is a true City of Art. So many famous artists lived there. And so many art styles were founded there, as well. However, with almost 130 museums, it’s home to, it could be a bit hard to pick up the best museum in Paris to visit, for the first time visitors. That’s why here is your complete guide with all tips and tricks that will help you navigate your way through some of the best museums in Paris.

First time in Paris: Beginners art & culture guide to Paris

Tea watching at river Seine in Paris

I could visit Paris a few times per year and would never get enough of it. I’m so fortunate to live only 3 hours by train from Paris, so I’m there quite often. And after visiting it on a school trip, with friends, as a couple and on a solo trip, I’ve become a sort of ‘first time in Paris recommendations’ expert among my friends. After being asked for Paris recommendations so often, I’ve decided to create this beginners art & culture guide to Paris. Here you’re going to find a list of sights you should visit, best museums, French…

A day in Paris with CLUSE

Cluse watch and Eiffel Tower in the distance

Paris is one of the most inspirational cities I know. It’s art, design, fashion, architecture and lifestyle are something I’m always looking forward to when there. That’s the reason I am trying to visit Paris at least once per year. I’m getting so much inspiration for my projects and am always coming back home filled with new creative energy. So, here is how I’ve spent a day in Paris with CLUSE. Paris is always a good idea! Audrey Hepburn’s famous quote is  describing so well my feelings towards that beautiful city. There are so many amazing museums, buildings and art…

How to spend a day in Paris like a local

Fountain in the park in Paris

After being in Paris for already a few times now, I wanted to emerge more into the local every day life. I have already found my favourite park, museum and place for breakfast. But, I wanted to feel that famous Parisian way of living, too. So, during my recent trip to Paris I met with local Parisian Ana, who took me on a walk through a different Paris. Parisian’s Paris. How to spend a day in Paris like a local Parks We meet close to my hotel and in my favourite part of Paris, Jardin du Luxembourg in a heart…

My yearly pilgrimage to Paris

Tea looking at the Eiffel tower in Paris

Ever since I’ve first came to Paris, the city hasn’t stopped inspiring me. I’m not sure what it is exactly. The art it has, that beautiful architecture or how dreamy it becomes when it’s rainy. I’ve got so addicted to that boost of inspiration I’m getting there, that I’ve started to go on a pilgrimage to Paris every single year. My yearly pilgrimage to Paris Art – Museums of Paris Paris is a home to some of the best museums in the world. Being able to see some of my favourite painters at the same place is one of the things…

My 5 favourite souvenirs from Paris

Tea eating an macaron

Paris is one of my favourite cities! And I’m lucky enough to live only 3 hours by train from it. That’s why I’m there quite often. So, I already have my favourite places there. My favourite café, restaurant, museum and some of the shops, too. So whenever I’m there I’m visiting some of that places and am always coming back home with these five of my favourite souvenirs from Paris. My 5 favourite souvenirs from Paris # 1 – Macarons A delicious little French cookies are today famous all around the world. I already wrote about them and how they…

What to buy as a souvenir in Paris? Cosmetics!

Paris cosmetics

One of the advantages of travelling is having access to different brands and local products. Of course, with the world becoming a global village and an on line shopping being more and more popular, you can easily get those products delivered to your home, as well! But, there is something special in visiting cosmetic stores, finding some local brands you’ve never heard of before and smelling the new season’s fragrances. And it’s even more special if all that’s happening in Paris!