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What am I doing…

Culture Tourist is all about promoting cultural tourismart and travel-inspired lifestyle.

This is how I’m doing that:

#1 – Content creating: Culture Tourist is focused on history, art and culture of destinations around the world (but, with a strong focus on Europe). I’m creating art and culture focused travel articles, detailed museum guides, interviews with artists and lists of best cultural sights in specific destinations.

#2 – Museum videos: Besides writing, I’m also creating museums videos. You can see all of them on my YouTube channel.

#3 – Self-guided tours: After organising numerous tours in Amsterdam museums, I decided to take the next step and create some self-guided tours. You can check my self-guided tour Rembrandt in Amsterdam on a link here. Would you like to create a self-guided tour for your museum or destination? I can help you with that!

#4 – Travel related art products: Educating people about art and history is one of my goals. That’s why I’m creating travel-related art products, as well. You can see a collection of my colouring postcards in my WEB SHOP.

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Brands Culture Tourist collaborates with

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