It’s a day 11 of our Culture Tourist Art Blogmas. And we’re hosting another Impressionist painting today, Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s Skaters in the Bois de Boulogne.

Art Blogmas 2020

Renoir was one of the most famous French Impressionist painters, well-known for his paintings celebrating sensual women. So, this winter landscape painted in 1868 stands out a bit among his work. Actually, the urban legend says he couldn’t stand winter and cold, and he wasn’t painting outside during the wintertime. Thus making this painting, one of his rare landscapes with snow.

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Skaters in the Bois de Boulogne

On his painting, Renoir has shown Parisians ice-skating on a frozen lake in a city park. That particular winter was extremely cold in Paris, freezing the Seine River and small lakes in the city. That attracted people to enjoy in ice-skating in the heart of the town.

Renoir wasn’t that interested in nature, but rather in life of those wealthy people from Paris. From the way they were spending their free time, to the clothes they were wearing and interacting with each other.

The colours on the painting are quite unusual for him. We’re used to the vibrant pastel colours on his artworks. However, this one almost seems black and white. Different from how Claude Monet painted snow on his paintings, Renoir is mostly using white and shades of grey. Most of the people on his picture are wearing black clothes, creating a contrast with the white snow.

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All of that makes the painting looking almost unfinished. However, that monochromatic feel gives it an everlasting calming atmosphere.

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